Tori Beth Thompson, Realtor

Tori Beth is a lifelong Lee County resident.  Her real estate journey started when her parents decided to sell her childhood home and build a new home.  This is where her love for real estate began and she credits being submersed in the experience with opening her eyes to a fruitful career.  She was eager to proceed with her new dream.  At the ripe age of nineteen, she completed the requirements for real estate licensing, sat for the Alabama Real Estate License Exam, and thus began a successful real estate career.


During her real estate career she met her wonderful husband, Jake Thompson of Valley.  They began a family and have three amazing children Trevor, Turner, and Emmalee.  While many of their friends were leaving to go to the big cities of Atlanta, Nashville, and other similar cities across the United States to chase their dreams, Jake and Tori Beth knew where their dream was already--- choosing to raise their family in Opelika in the heart of Lee County and East Alabama.


Tori Beth started as a full time assistant to the top sales agent in the company. She quickly learned from the best.  After her initial time as a full time assistant with a desire to put her practical education into practice she was ready to begin listing homes for sellers and helping buyers find just the right home for their needs.  All the time she knew that she was working to bridge the gap between the buyers and sellers in order to provide the best services to her clients possible.  While many things have changed this remains a consistent focus as is evidenced by Tori Beth’s clients coming back time after time when their home needs may change.


She now runs her business By Referral Only, which means devoting time, energy and effort to focusing on your goals and needs, offering customized options, and providing the excellent service you expect and deserve.  The commitment to high quality service continues even after your transaction is complete.  Tori Beth has come to realize that the Real Estate business is not a one size fits all approach. Realizing each client is different and working with everyone throughout the transaction to achieve the desired outcome is what has kept Tori Beth rolling as a Realtor for over 16 years.  She chose to provide her real estate services to East Alabama and the surrounding areas of Lee County (Auburn, Beauregard, Opelika).  


As she had proven her own ability she was approached to become a Broker, she accepted that challenge working as the Qualifying Broker for a cornerstone of the area’s real estate community.  After three years of being broker, she realized something was missing but could not quite put her finger on it.  And then one day a long time client called and looking for a home, at that moment she realized what had been missing----- being part of the first hand experience she had fallen in love with at such an early age.  When that call ended she realized what she had to do, to go back to being a full time agent and doing what she loves most which is helping my clients with their real estate needs.


Alot goes into a real estate relationship, it is more than just the ups and downs of the process.  It’s maintaining a steady course toward the end goal.  As a buyer’s agent it is the moments when you find your dream home, make an offer and acceptance, when you sit at the closing table and then finally the moment where you slide your new house’s key in and walk over the threshold into YOUR new home.  It is that moment of the experience that makes everything real and you realize-- “I’m home.”


Tori Beth is well versed in listing and selling homes as well.  When you are considering selling your home the necessary steps to be successful are very important.  Tori Beth will work to guide you throughout the process to make sure that your goals are met.  She will guide you and educate you on what the market is and will work to develop and implement a highly competitive marketing strategy that will aggressively market your home.  She will devote her time to achieving the goals set forth as the listing agent.

So whether you are looking to buy or sell Tori Beth has the experience you need.  She is a capable and effective real estate professional that can guide you through the buying or selling process.  Even if you are looking at a dirt lot she specializes in new home construction as well as serving as a buyer’s or seller’s agent.  If you are looking for a new construction home give Tori Beth a call.  Any aspect of real estate your first call should be to Tori Beth.